The Rise of the Online Students

There are a lot of ways for people to learn online. From college courses to a subscription based skill sharing site. It makes you wonder how many people take online classes?  The exact answer that is shrouded in a mystery of the web, but the easy answer is tens of millions of people.

Graph of online students

In 2012 more than 7 million students at colleges took online courses. Out of the whole student body 32% were taking at least one online class. Higher education isn’t the only place that people are taking online courses.

On independent websites like Udemy,, and others there are a reported 16.9 million students.  Since this is a growing industry that number is increasing daily.  People are finding it easier and easier to take classes online, and as the younger generations look for job training and opportunities we are going to see even more online students.

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As you can see, online education is a growing field. You can basically teach anything you want and become a successful teacher online.  The modern digital age lets us share our passions with other people and create a new path as a teacher. It’s cutting edge, and I for one am really grateful to be a part of it.

Feel free to comment below on your thoughts on the growing number of students online. Have you had a good experience teaching online? How many students have you gotten?

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