New Trade in Program to Help Schools with Music Technology

This year Ableton, a music technology company, has released an amazing new initiative for education. Ableton is known for their music software called Ableton Live. On November 3rd, 2015 they made a huge announcement that might bring a big benefit to music educators.

Live is a DAW that lets performers, musicians, composers, and sound designers make the music they have dreamed of.  Ableton has also made instruments to help interface with a computer and make it easy to write music. The main hardware they created was the Ableton Push.

Here is a video from Ableton about the trade in program:

Here is an introductory video on the Push:

What is amazing and cutting edge for this company is their announcement of the Push Trade In Offer. Ableton has just released an updated version of the Push called Push 2. To help support schools as they are asking people to trade in their old Push to get %30 off of their new purchase. Ableton then intends to offer these units to schools.  Knowing this company they will probably offer it for free to schools in need, or at a deeply discounted rate to make it approachable.

Here is a statement from Ableton:

We’ve seen some amazing initiatives that empower young people through music education. These initiatives teach young people how to make the type of music they love listening to.

But there aren’t enough programs like this out there – the cost of the technology needed is still prohibitive for many. And that’s something the Ableton community can help with.

If you take part in the trade-in, you’ll help more children and teenagers get inspired by making music.

I am really excited and inspired by this support in music education from Ableton. I would love to see other companies follow suit, and am happy to see Ableton blazing the trail.  If you are interested in getting your hands on the refurbished push units, then emailing Ableton at:

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