Over the past year I have been watching Midnight Music. It’s a website that offers courses in Music Technology. I really enjoy how Katie Wardrobe lays out information around iPads, music theory with devices, garage band, and the likes.  When looking online for information teaching technology, there is not a lot of info, and Katie is on the cutting edge as well as supporting the community of educators.

Here is what Katie does in here own words:

I’m a qualified teacher (but no, I don’t currently teach in a school) and I run hands-on professional development workshops in Australia and overseas. I also have a series of online courses and digital products that help support music teachers and I have presented at more than 50 conferences and other music education events. My workshops, courses and presentations focus on easy ways to incorporate technology through a range of creative projects into what you are already doing in your music curriculum.

I had the opportunity to interview Katie for our Meet the Educators series here at Classtrack.org. Check out the video below to get some insight into Katie as a teacher and her history with Music Technology.

If you want more project ideas than check out Katie’s website, Midnight Music. I also really enjoy her Pintrest where she has an organized way of sharing project ideas for teachers.

pinterest for music educators