Free Ableton Push Curriculum Resources

The school year has started and already amazing work is being done in music technology and education. Last year Ableton announced their Push education initiative.  It was really inspiring to see how much this company cares about education to donate so much to public schools.

Here at we have been working with the IDEA school in Tacoma in developing a Push centered music lab. We have been building off of our Ableton Live Breakthrough Course to include using the Push. Over the last few weeks many teachers reached out asking for resources with the Push, so we decided to share some of our course development.

Download Push Curriculum


You can also watch our video on Building Chords with Ableton Push by Ableton Certified Trainer Serafin.

If you would like a more in-depth course on Push, then check out our new Teaching Ableton Push course. We take the information presented here and turned them into videos with interviews and live examples.  If you are more of a visual learner, or enjoy learning more from videos, then this is for you.

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