Editing Vocals with Ableton Live

Editing vocals can be a really creative activity for students. It allows them to take a track and feel like they can instantly change it and make their own.  I put togeather a class activity based around editing vocals. This class is just one of many that are a part of the Supplementary Activites that come with the Ableton Live Breakthrough Course.

Vocal Edits Activity:

Below is a video walkthrough of the class. I talk about the theory, how I would edit the vocals, and try to demonstrate how I would teach it. After the video, I have a link to the downloads. I put togeather a lesson plan, worksheet, and downloadable videos.


Download Resources


When to teach this class?

I find that once you get the basics of Ableton Live, students want to start creating. The quicker you can have them creatively expressing themselves the better. This activity is perfect once you have gone over the basics of Arrangement View and Warp Modes. Once they have that, editing vocals can be a lot of fun. It also connects to a lot of modern production and electronic music.

I have taught this type of class to 15-year-olds and up to college students. It works for anyone really. This definitely isn’t the easiest activity, but once they are familiar with Ableton Live, this is a great activity to get the students excited.

More Activities:

If you would like to have more activities for your classroom, check out the Ableton Live Breakthrough Course. The course includes activities on Editing Video and Audio, Practicing an instrument with Ableton Live, Djing, and more.

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