Why Become an Online Teacher

I absolutely love being able to teach people all around the world. Just today I woke up early and had a student in Thailand. Then after 2 more classes by mid day I am off to do whatever I want.

More than 7 million people take at least one online class a year.

With numbers like that, there is one certain thing. People like and want to learn online. There are a lot of reasons why learning online fits into peoples schedule. This is also not one sided. As a teacher, you can gain greater freedom from teaching online.  Here is a list of reasons why you should consider teaching online.

Teaching Offline to Online

1. Personal Freedom

This one is probably the most obvious, and still a huge perk of teaching online.  By teaching online you can live anywhere, do anything, and have teaching fit into your life and not the other way around. Even if you teach at an online school or college you still get the benefit of not being tied to a place, or having to fight traffic.

2. Save the Rerun

As any teacher will tell you, one of the hardest things is keeping the same information you have been taught over years interesting to you, and in turn your students. Ever wonder why your old professor seemed distant and detached? Maybe he has been teaching the same thing over and over for years. It’s closer to meditation, repeating the same mantra over and over than it is an engaged way of teaching.  With online teaching you can record all the basics. If it’s something you have to repeat all the time, just record it and make it available for students.  This can save you time and energy that can then move into learning new things around the subject you love.

3. Any Interest Counts

You might have a really hard time getting students for your passion on a specific type of LEGO robotic set you like. Who in your area would want to go to the class. Well, online you might find thousands. Actually, this is exactly what Dr. Graeme Faulkner did with his Udemy course that got over 5000 people!

You can teach any passion you want online and you will find students. Remember, there are over 7 million students online. That number is also just going to increase over time.

4. Passive Income

There are many different ways to teach online. I teach interactive workshops, private classes, and prerecorded courses. Each one takes a different approach and skillset.  One of the unique advantages of online teaching is the Pre Recorded route. This way you can spend a few months on a course and let the money come in over the years. I am still making money from classes I released over 4 years ago.  This is a great way to bring in a passive income stream. You could make the classes in-between jobs and then just sit on it.

5. You Create the Value

One of the big differences of freelance online teaching and institutionalized teaching is how people perceive value in our course. Now in a college people think it has value because of the infrastructure around it. The course reviews, national standards, the course credits, and so on. You might think that being an independent teacher would have a disadvantage here. In reality it is the exact opposite.

As a College teacher, you need to go through a lot of education and hoops to get where you are. Online is completely different. You can go from learning something to teaching it in no time. I have taught whole new subject I just learned in under 6 months. The reason people think my class and knowledge is valuable is because I show them it is. I define the value of my course. I define my expertise.  As long as you are an intelligent person and know the basics of marketing you can help people see the value in what you are doing.  It truly is a freeing approach to teaching.

6. Teach Your Strengths

There are many different ways of teaching online. You can teach live streaming events like my Creative Live classes. I taught over 2000 people live from all around the world. You can also teach webinars with a set amount, like 200 students. Or you can teach personalized lessons that are one on one streaming online.

Because of this you can find your strengths as a teacher. Some teachers are much better at off the cuff teaching and just doing Q and A with students. This is perfect for private lessons. This freedom will let you build off of your strengths as a teacher.


Of course, there are challenges teaching online. In seeing the benefits you can already see why so many teachers are moving to online education.  I’d love to hear your comments below about your experience teaching online. Why did you start teaching online, or why do you want to start teaching online? Join the community discussion.

Here at Classtrack we are going to be diving into the benefits students have in taking classes online, as well as the many other aspects of teaching. If you want a play by play approach to fast track your career teaching online check out the Teach Online Success course. It will present you with a step by step roadmap and tools needed to get started and succeed as an online teacher.


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