Meet the Educators: Barbara Freedman

A few years back I was looking for resources to help me build classes with music technology. A fellow teacher suggested I grab the book Teaching Music Through Composition: A Curriculum Using Technology by Barbara Freedman. The book was a fantastic starting point for my classes.

Since that time I have connected with Barbara and was able to do an interview with her. Barbara shared some fantastic insight from her years of teaching music production in high school. Barbara was named the 2012 TI:ME Technology Teacher of the Year, Band has done a lot of work in music education.


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Music Technology Training with Katie of Midnight Music

Over the past year I have been watching Midnight Music. It’s a website that offers courses in Music Technology. I really enjoy how Katie Wardrobe lays out information around iPads, music theory with devices, garage band, and the likes.  When looking online for information teaching technology, there is not a lot of info, and Katie is on the cutting edge as well as supporting the community of educators.

Here is what Katie does in here own words:

I’m a qualified teacher (but no, I don’t currently teach in a school) and I run hands-on professional development workshops in Australia and overseas. I also have a series of online courses and digital products that help support music teachers and I have presented at more than 50 conferences and other music education events. My workshops, courses and presentations focus on easy ways to incorporate technology through a range of creative projects into what you are already doing in your music curriculum.

I had the opportunity to interview Katie for our Meet the Educators series here at Check out the video below to get some insight into Katie as a teacher and her history with Music Technology.

If you want more project ideas than check out Katie’s website, Midnight Music. I also really enjoy her Pintrest where she has an organized way of sharing project ideas for teachers. (more…)

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Meet the Educators – Brian Jackson Ableton Certified Trainer

No man is an island and no teacher is all alone. We are surrounded by people that help shape the educational landscape.  In this new series, we interview teachers and leaders in the field of Music Education.

Our first interview is with Brian Jackson, an Ableton Live Certified Trainer.  Brian is a great example of a freelance trainer in music education. He has worked with many different institutions, but has also done a lot of private and contract work. In this interview he discusses his path in music education, how he has gained students, and his lessons in writing curriculum in Music Technology.

Brian Jackson is always up to new things. He has a fantastic blog and website for teachers and students in Music Education. Check and to learn more form Brian.

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