Adding Samples and Clips to Ableton Live

ideax Teaching Ableton Push

In December I had the pleasure of visiting the Kent Library in Washington. I was asked by a new organization, idea X, to teach the Ableton Push 2.  Idea X is a new program by the King County Library System. Here is what Idea X is about in their words:

“We hope to attract a variety of youth with a range of skill levels to these programs. In many cases, however, participants may have little to no experience with digital music tools, since we particularly want to target young people in disadvantaged communities who might not otherwise have access to resources like this. The idea is to provide new opportunities for discovery, creativity, and experimentation, as well as generally increasing digital literacy.”

During the class, I showed a lot of function of Ableton Live and the Push.  I used the Free Push Curriculum I have on this site. I also had questions about adding clips in Session View. I decided to make a new activity to show off adding audio in Ableton Live.  The idea of this quick activity is to practice adding samples to live.

Below is a video walk-through of the activity. Below that you will see the links to download all the samples, lesson plans, and worksheets.

Download Activity

Check out the other activities from Idea X here:

Free Ableton Push Curriculum Resources

The school year has started and already amazing work is being done in music technology and education. Last year Ableton announced their Push education initiative.  It was really inspiring to see how much this company cares about education to donate so much to public schools.

Here at we have been working with the IDEA school in Tacoma in developing a Push centered music lab. We have been building off of our Ableton Live Breakthrough Course to include using the Push. Over the last few weeks many teachers reached out asking for resources with the Push, so we decided to share some of our course development.

Download Push Curriculum


You can also watch our video on Building Chords with Ableton Push by Ableton Certified Trainer Serafin.

If you would like a more in-depth course on Push, then check out our new Teaching Ableton Push course. We take the information presented here and turned them into videos with interviews and live examples.  If you are more of a visual learner, or enjoy learning more from videos, then this is for you.

Join the course.

Building Chords with Ableton Push

Ableton Push is a fantastic instrument to compose melodies and chords with. Both beginning and advanced music makers will find a constant source of inspiration and exploration using Push’s unique keyboard. While Push is not a replacement for learning a traditional piano keyboard, it can be a very successful alternative for students without a piano background. I’ve found that Push reduces the barrier to entry to composing and gets students inspired and making more meaningful music faster.

Load a Sound

First load a sound from the Browser in Ableton Live by pressing the Browse button. Then use the encoder knobs to select the sound you like. If you have installed the free Ableton Live 9.5 update, you will also be able to hear a preview of each sound. Once you find a sound you like, press the green load button.

Navigate the Keyboard

The blue pads represent root notes spread over several octaves. You can access higher and lower octaves by pressing the Octave Down and Octave Up Button
Root Notes on Push


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