Adding Samples and Clips to Ableton Live

ideax Teaching Ableton Push

In December I had the pleasure of visiting the Kent Library in Washington. I was asked by a new organization, idea X, to teach the Ableton Push 2.  Idea X is a new program by the King County Library System. Here is what Idea X is about in their words:

“We hope to attract a variety of youth with a range of skill levels to these programs. In many cases, however, participants may have little to no experience with digital music tools, since we particularly want to target young people in disadvantaged communities who might not otherwise have access to resources like this. The idea is to provide new opportunities for discovery, creativity, and experimentation, as well as generally increasing digital literacy.”

During the class, I showed a lot of function of Ableton Live and the Push.  I used the Free Push Curriculum I have on this site. I also had questions about adding clips in Session View. I decided to make a new activity to show off adding audio in Ableton Live.  The idea of this quick activity is to practice adding samples to live.

Below is a video walk-through of the activity. Below that you will see the links to download all the samples, lesson plans, and worksheets.

Download Activity

Check out the other activities from Idea X here:

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