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Ableton Live Breakthrough

Want to get up and running teaching Ableton Live and Music Technology?

This course will give you everything you need to start teaching Ableton Live.  If you are a school teacher looking to add Ableton to your curriculum, or an indepent musician that wants to make money on the side teaching then this course is for you. 

What is in the Ableton Live Breakthrough course?

Ableton Live gives us access to new ways of understanding music, performance, DJing, and recording. To fully utilize the Ableton Live you need a basic understanding of the core functionality of the program. This course will teach you everything you need to know to wield the power of Ableton Live. We will give you complete control over Warp Markers, Session View, navigating the browser, recording, editing, and more.
  • Learn about each feature in Ableton live through practical and creative projects. Not only learn how to use parameters, but learn how to use them to further your creative goals.
  • Learn all the core concepts of Ableton Live step by step.
  • Watch practical examples of teaching Ableton Live in your class with Ableton Certified Trainers.
  • Take the guess work out of writing your class curriculum and make the class prep next to instantaneous. This course is a one stop shop to get your class up and running.
  • What is Ableton Live?
    • Intro and Overview of Live
  • Navigating Ableton Live
    • Building Blocks of Live
    • Tracks in Ableton Live
      What are Clips Overview
  • Controlling Timing
    • How to look at Timingin music with Ableton Live
      • Time Sig.
      • BPM
      • Fitting Audio together with Warping
    • DJing with Ableton Live Activity
  • Deeper Control with Clip Box
    • Editing Audio with the Clip Box
      • Clip Box Navigation
      • Volume, Transpose, Loop Length
  • Recording Audio
    • Setting up your Sound Card
    • Routing with i/o in Live
    • Example of recording in Live using external gear
    • Simple Editing with Warp markers
  • Recording New Parts – MIDI
    • What is MIDI?
    • How MIDI working in Live
      • Recording MIDI with the keyboard or MIDI Controller
      • Simple Midi Editing and Writing in MIDI by hand
      • Scale, Chord, and Quantization
      • Writing Chords and Melodies in Live
  • Taking Control with MIDI Mapping
    • How to map a MIDI Controller in Live
    • MIDI Map Mode
  • Music Production with Arrangement View
    • Linear Production and Non Linear
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Arrangement View
    • Navigating Arrangement View
      • Locator Bar
      • Arrangement Looping
      • Folding Tracks and Groups
      • Extending Clips
      • Clip Fades
  • Arrangement vs Session View
    • Overview of Linear and non linear editing in Live
    • Editing in Session View
  • Shaping the Sounds with Effects
    • Adding this with effects
    • Dropping in Effects from the browser
    • Draw in automation with Envelopes
    • Looping envelopes and un locked
    • Recording Automation Live with Session Record
  • Creating and Changing Presets
    • Changing an Effect
    • Saving it as a Preset
    • User Library and Live’s Library
    • Changing an INstrument
    • Audio Effect Racks
    • Instrument Effects Racks
  • Access to a computer. It can be either Mac or PC.
  • Broadband internet connection.
  • A working copy of Live 9. Live Standard or Suite is recommended, although almost all of the course can be done with Live 9 Intro.
  • Headphones or studio monitors.
  • A MIDI keyboard controller is recommended, but not required.

Online Courses – Getting Started

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Get the perfect solution for your teaching needs.

At we offer our classes in 3 editions. Each one is specifically designed to fulfill your needs as a teacher.

Three editions of Ableton Live Breakthrough:

Learner Edition

$280Per Year
  • Access to all course videos
  • On demand learning

Teacher Edition

$429Per Year
  • Access to all course videos
  • On demand learning
  • Access to all course Materials
  • Downloadable examples and activities
  • Extra Supplemental Activities

Learning Lab Edition

$VairiesPer Year
  • Student access to all course videos
  • Perfect for a computer lab
  • Student access to all course activities
  • Unique login and portal for students

Learner Edition:

The Learner Edition gives you access to all the videos for the online course. You can watch and follow along the course. This is a great way to pick up new skills and ideas for your own classes.

The Learner Edition of Ableton Live Breakthrough course will give over 6 hours of video content. We will walk you through everything you need to learn to master Ableton Live.

After this class you guarantee you will learn:

  • How to navigate Ableton Live
  • Recording/editing your own original music
  • Sequencing with MIDI
  • Use on-board effects within Live and with virtual instruments
  • Creating beats with Ableton Live
  • Perform live using the power of Live
  • Time stretching your samples with Warp Modes
  • Import audio and adjust tempo

Learner Edition

Teacher Edition:

The Teacher Edition gives you the same access videos in the Learner Edition, but gives you more teaching resources along the way. The Teacher Edition also gives you access to all the worksheets, lesson plans, example live sets, samples used, slides, and any other resource you need to implement the classes in your classroom. 

This makes it a simple solution for any teacher that wants to get their course up and running. They can watch the videos before the class, and then teach that same class to their students using the walk through activities.
This also gives the teacher the power to take whatever classes they want or pieces of the curriculum and add their own style and flare to it in their classroom.

Included in the Teacher Edition:

  • All videos found in the Learner Edition.
  • Added videos on how to implement the lessons in your classroom.
  • All class material, including examples, slides, and lesson plans.

Learning Lab Edition:

Learning Lab Edition gives your students access to all the videos in the Learner Edition and resources they need. If you want to supplement your class with some online learning, or video tutorials you can get the Learning Lab Edition.

This edition is an easy solution for schools that want to create a lab environment for their students to learn on their own, or as an added resource for students in the music program without having to get an entire new curriculum.

When you order the Learning Lab Edition we also make a unique branded login for your school or institution.  That way, when students login it looks like a branded extension of your school. In setting up the lab environment, we will work hand in hand with you to include the needed classes for your course and help tailor it to your needs.  If you want more information on how we can make the Learning Lab edition work for you, please feel free to contact us.


Included in the Teacher Edition:

  • Student Access to all videos found in the Learner Edition.
  • Consultation to help mold the curriculum for your class needs.
  • Branded login / site for your students.
  • Access to the Teacher Edition.