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Streamlining Learning and Teaching

Classtrack.org simplifies learning new music technology skills and give you the resources needed to get your new classes up and running.


Learn New Skills

Take courses at Classtrack.org to stay up to date on new music technology and how to implement them into your classroom.


New Income

Create new income by teaching new classes. Supplement your income as a musician or independent teacher.


Save Time

Instead of starting from scratch, kick-start your course writing with our resources. Work with pre-made lesson plans, example sets, and more to get you up and running.

Make a living teaching your passion.

We help get you started with class material, teacher resources, and help building your student base.


Get your new courses underway

Get started teaching Ableton Live and teaching new techniques in music technology. Our courses are designed to give all the resources you need to instantly start teaching. Our courses come with PDF’s, lesson plans, Live Sets, example activities, and more. Take all the guess work out of your course creation and get started right away.